Heiress to the Useless Words Mafia (peaceofaith) wrote in karenolivo,
Heiress to the Useless Words Mafia

Results and New Contest...one you guys will actually do

Alright, so our first contest...did not go so hot. The winner was Alisa, but since she was the only one who entered...not so good people.

The next context will be a graphics contest. The rules are simple: It must deal with Karen and it must be a 100 by 100 icon. No other rules...have fun.

And a post is coming later giving you all the scoop on Sevn by Karen Olivo.
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Go me? ;)
Hmmm what's Sevn??
Her art line, right now just bags. I kinda forgot to update...it'll come sometime this week, I promise.
That's cool! I remember something about that. Matt showed up at the Martin Sexton concert with one of her patches sewn on his jacket.
So, uhm, where do we post these icons? And am I allowed to enter?