Heiress to the Useless Words Mafia (peaceofaith) wrote in karenolivo,
Heiress to the Useless Words Mafia

Contest Info/ Rando Tidbit

Before the main point of this update...the randomness. Our very own Kerri (kerphaba) is making a beautiful new layout picture for us because well, I have no skills in that area. So say goodbye to the randomness.

Okay....Contest Information
So, I'd like to welcome you all to the first annual Karen Olivo livejournal Community contest. This contest is going to be based on writing. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to write one poem about anything Karen related (i.e. Faith, her voice, personality, a song she sings, etc.). There are no restrictions to the type or length of the poem. You can only submit one poem and although I would really like you to put it behind a cut, some of you don't know how to do that. For all of you who do though, please put it behind a cut. So please, don't cheat y'all. To submit, just reply to this post with your poem. I will be judging, so don't ask if you can do that. The deadline...I don't know...a week, two weeks...we'll figure that out later.

So, I hope that goes well and you guys have fun. The point is not so much a competition but a fun little activity that requires both creativity and a good sense of mind. If you don't participate I am not going to hunt you down and yell at you, but I would like for as many submissions as possible. Thank you!

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