Heiress to the Useless Words Mafia (peaceofaith) wrote in karenolivo,
Heiress to the Useless Words Mafia

And here it comes...

Do you all know how I said that Karen Olivo Online was moving?
Good. I'm glad that you all still remember, however, if you don't I'd like to refresh your mind. Karen Olivo Online is merging with another Karen fansite called Nil Magnum Nisi Bonum. The creater of that site was going to help me with a layout anyway, and we decided it would be best to combine the two sites. So, right now, not only does it not have a name but I have NO idea when it's going to be up. So, even though I said we were moving, it won't be anytime really soon. And, word to the hip, I leave messages/say cool things on the site...you just have to look for it. So, I leave it up to you guys to find it.

And we're going to have a contest...kind of a random contest, but it's going to be a fun one. More details on it later.

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